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New Flavors this Holiday From Fresh Victor for your Cocktails and Mocktails

Holidays 2023: Fresh Victor Cocktails Puts the drinker in charge with Fresh, Organic and Full Flavor Mixers.

Fresh Victor is how you make fast, delicious craft cocktails and amazing mocktails — Every. Single. Time. 

Fresh Victor is a line of premium mixers for consistently delicious and efficient cocktails (and mocktails too.)

H. Ehrmann knows his cocktails

H. Ehrmann is a bartender and drinks industry consultant who runs Elixir, one of the most influential bars in San Francisco.  In the industry for 35 years, owned a bar for 20 years. 

Recently he hosted a virtual mixer walking us through several cocktails using Fresh Victor as the mixer: from non-alcoholic, to low alc, to full alcoholic.

Cold-pressed juice-based cocktail mixers. They have added sugar, either organic cane sugar or agave nectar used to balance out citrus levels to hit the intended brix level for most cocktails.

Holidays 2023: Fresh Victor creates Fast, Delicious Craft Cocktails

For example, with the Lemon Sour, the base is known as a pretty simple flavor profile.  You can add another layer of flavor complexity (like a liqueur).  But the Fresh Victor mixer was designed to have more depth, a bit more bitterness to handle any additional sweetness added. 

Fresh Victor +1 or +2

All of the Fresh Victor bottles are designed to make delicious cocktails, but simply and easier.  How?  The amount of cocktails that can be made by adding just 1 or 2 ingredients plus the Fresh Victor mixer.

+1 is agave and tequila.  Lemon Sour and whiskey. 

+2 might be carbonation, frothing, aromatics, like:  tonic, soda water, champagne, egg white, bitters.

Fresh Victor creates Fast, Delicious Craft Cocktails


“2-3 pours and a lot of flavor”

H. Ehrmann

With those 3 elements and Fresh Victor’s 9 flavors, you can end up with dozens of drinks.  From classics, to a spin-off of a classics (including mocktails).

Mixing ratios: 1: 1 and 2: 1.  

1 1 / 2  oz of spirit to 2 ounces of mixer

2 oz of spirit to 2 ounces of mixer

If the drinker likes the taste of the alcohol, they want that taste to “punch” through, then then 2:2 is better for them.  If they want the flavor sweeter, iding behind the mixer, 2:1 is the answer for them.

Fresh Victor is a mixer, not a juice.  So it’s meant to take on dilution as you build your cocktail. Right out of the bottle, it’s a bit more concentrated, more dense.  Meant to be stirred, shaken, reduced down without watering down the flavor.   It can dilute 15-20% without losing quality. 

Using Fresh Victor, you can create a 32 oz, 64 oz or a gallon punch bowl for a holiday party in less than 5 minutes.  And it’s not a simple, lame flavor.  It’s complex.

Orchard Bliss Royale

Non-alcoholic.  When you add Champagne or Sparkling, it’s called “Royale” and today’s drink is adding Sparkling Cider.  

4 oz sparkling cider

2 oz Fresh Victor (Three Citrus and Mint Leaf)

Garnish with dehydrated apple slices

The nose is refreshing. Vibrant apple.  Effervescent on the palate, from the Sparkling. A balance of lemon, lime, orange.  Plump, but not overwhelming.  Mint notes that bring a tertiary element.

Suggestions include playing with adding a shot of vodka, rum or tequila, any of which would work well.

Fresh Victor mixers give a fruit-forward base that makes it easy to play and experiment with.

Winter Spice Tonic

“When mixed well, Gin impacts the overall character of your drink, but doesn’t get in your face”.

1 oz Tanqueray london dry gin

1 Oz Fresh Victor (Cactus Pomegranate)

4 oz Fever Tree Tonic

Aromatic bitters

Garnish with vanilla bean, All-spice berries, Dehydrated Lemon

The nose is immediately the charming, floral aromatics you’d expect from the gin.  Then slowly the baking spices express themselves.  Deep character layers and complexity.  A gush of tonic, then lingering vanilla and lemon.  

Definitely a gin drink for someone who’s not a gin fan as it showcases the best of gin without being overwhelming.

H. Ehrmann with the Fresh Victor Winter Spice Tonic

H. Ehrmann with the Fresh Victor Winter Spice Tonic

Love a standard gin drink?  Try Gin and Tonic with Fresh Victor’s Cucumber and Lime!

“I’ve taught cocktail classes for over ten years.  As much as students love it and geek out over cocktail details at the bar.  When they get home to their kitchen, they still prefer to have something easy.  That’s a huge part of when Fresh Victor is.”

“The 2 things that show us down when drinking cocktails, alcoholic strength and bitterness.  Those are things that help us drag a cocktail out 10-20 minutes. Like, intentional speed bumps to keep you from drinking too fast.  So removing the alcohol from a recipe, removes that speed bump.  Adding more bitters, adds it back.  It helps a non-alco drink feel more like a cocktail.”

“Just before Covid, we decided to focus Fresh Victor on bars and restaurants.  So Covid hits.  We decided to re-package into a 16 oz bottle.  Within 6 weeks we had these bottles available in 7 states direct to consumer. Within 2 months, we had 48 states direct to consumer.  I shifted to selling cocktail kits from home and Fresh Victor was the perfect partner for me.”

“Take a liter of tequila and a 64 oz bottle of Mexican lime and agave, you can make 32 margaritas.  I was selling those kits like crazy.  People were re-ordering every other day.”

“All the ways you can use Fresh Vector.  I went through the lexicon of cocktails.  What can I make with lemon sour?  What can I make with Mexican Agave? Then I’d look at more unique flavor profile and ask myself what can I make with that?”

Figtorious Celebrations

2 oz of Fresh Victor (grapefruit and sea salt)

2 oz VSOP brandy

1 / 2 oz fig syrup

Try thinking of Fresh Victor less as a mixer or a juice and more as an ingredient.  Think of it as an ingredient where you can use as much or as little as you want to make a more complex drink.

Explore from a culinary point of view.  What other flavors mix?

H. Ehrmann with the Fresh Victor Figtorious Celebrations

H. Ehrmann with the Fresh Victor Figtorious Celebrations


Fresh Victor Holidays Flavors

H. Ehrmann suggests a twist this cold, holiday season.  Think like a Hot Toddy. Simply warm up your Whiskey Sour, Lemon Drop, even your sangria.  Anything that would normally go with ice, this time heat it up warm and toasty.


DC Wine Lovers Demand Flavor: 1000 Stories Wines delivers with Bourbon Barrel Aged Zinfandel

DC Wine Lovers Demand Flavor: 1000 Stories Wines delivers with Bourbon Barrel Aged Zinfandel

At 1000 Stories Wines, they share that same bold roaming spirit, which is why each of their wines tell incredible stories of exploration and discovery.

1000 Stories Wines delivers Crowd-Pleasing Big, Bold taste with Bourbon Barrel Aged Zinfandel

In every bottle thy hope you’ll find journeys, encounters, people and places—stories that stoke the roaming spirit in all of us so that once your grass of wine is finished, you set out once again to create the next chapter in our stories.

Margaret Leonardi from 1000 Stories Wines

Margaret Leonardi from 1000 Stories Wines

Today we’re talking with Margaret Leonardi from 1000 Stories Wines.  The below conversation has been editing for length and clarity.  For the full, unedited version, check out our FlavRReport YouTube channel.


Just to get to know you a little bit better, can you tell us more about what inspired you to get into the wine business?

Margaret Leonardi: I’m originally from an organic dairy farm in Northern California, so just the county north of here.  We’re in Mendocino County. I’m from Humboldt County, so just the closest wine growing region from home. The wine industry is so much more glamorous and romantic than the dairy industry. I’ve been making wine since 2009. Now my whole life is the wine industry.

My husband is a winemaker too. We live in a vineyard. We’re in the middle of harvest right now. We’ve been harvesting for over a month now. We’ll harvest hopefully through Halloween.

How’s it going this year? Are the grapes looking good?

Margaret Leonardi: Pretty average yields. It’s a little later as a whole than normal harvest.  Not noteworthy, but maybe a couple of weeks depending on the region, the variety.  It’s tasting good. The chemistries are nice. Good acids. So far we’re happy but we’re only halfway done. 

The brand is called 1,000 Stories.  On your website it mentions each of your wines tell incredible stories of exploration, discovery. Where does the idea of stories come from?

Margaret Leonardi: There’s a lot of stories around how we came up with the name and how we got from point A to point B, but everyone has their own rendition, which is just ironic that it’s 1000 stories. Our consumer is adventurous, and likes to roam and wander and connect with people.  So all those people, each adventure you go on, and each new connection you make, you have new stories, and you have new stories to share, and you can share our wines together. 


You mentioned the word “explore”.  Up in your area is Yellowstone National Park, and a thousand stories that you guys partnered with Yellowstone Forever.

Margaret Leonardi: That’s a new partnership for this year.  The official non profit partner with Yellowstone, and their main focus is bison conservation.  With our label, our mascot is a bison.  The partnership promotes bison conservation, make sure their population is safe and healthy.

It’s a beautiful design. Tell me about how the bottle itself was created and how you decided what should be on that bottle?

Margaret Leonardi: We have three SKUs that are bourbon barrel aged. Our first is the Zinfandel, the OG of the portfolio, this came out first and then in the Bourbon Barrel Age side, we also have a Cabernet Sauvignon and a Red Blend.  

Then we have an American Barrel Aged section that’s Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, so not Bourbon Barrel Aged, just American Oak.  That would be used for normal winemaking, and then we have our newest corn sku, it’s a Sauvignon Blanc, and this is just stainless steel and some concrete aging.

The Bourbon barrel aged [popularity] has grown. We have customers who want more diversity, more variety. So we’ve expanded the set. 

On the Zinfandel [label], we have our mascot the bison.  Another noteworthy thing with this is on the Zin, because it was our first.

Each time we get bourbon barrels, we go through a 3rd party broker. So we’re not working directly with any distillers.  We have a mix of the distilleries these bourbon barrels are shipping to us from, so they’re all different. 

We’re filling finished Zinfandel in these barrels and then we taste each one.

Some can be really bourbon-y, really potent.  A lot of fresh dill. Some can have less bourbon influence and it’s more smoky, toasty. 

So we have to really craft each one. We’re tasting a bunch of lots and crafting the blend for the finished product.

That’s when we decided to put the batch number [on the bottle]. Because as a whole, the backbone of the wine tastes very similar, but there are some little minute differences. We wanted to convey that to the consumer with the batch number because you can tell [each bottle] tastes a little different.


Bourbon barrel has become very popular.  How was that method chosen at your winery?

Margaret Leonardi: It was a practice from the original winemaker, the founding winemaker, Bob Blue, who just retired a couple of years ago. 

We were innovating, thinking of new wine ideas, and this is a practice that he used 20 plus years ago. [Back then] French oak wine barrels were pretty pricey, like a luxury commodity to use. So he was looking at different alternatives to age his wines here at Fetzer. 

He had this idea. Bourbon and whiskey barrels were cheaper.

We bought some bourbon barrels and tried it.  We were like, we should bottle this, not blend this into a bigger portion. This should be its own bottle. That was in 2014, our first vintage. 

I started with the company in 2015. I was here at the beginning, so I saw some of the evolution and then Bob has retired and he’s passed the torch to Sebastian and I.

Let’s talk a little bit about the different varietals. The process, the styles aromas, flavor notes.

Margaret Leonardi: The first original Zinfandel is our classic.  I say classic because Zinfandel’s kind of an American grape variety, it’s very Americana.  It goes with our whole spirit of the brand, and It’s what Mendocino County and Mendocino is known for.

We grow really great Zinfandel’s up here, it’s a nice and warm climate. We’ve also expanded, now we’re sourcing some of the fruit from Lodi as well, which is also a really great growing region for Zinfandel.  They’re also known for their Zin.

It’s blended with some Petite Syrah.  Just to give the color a little more enhancement. Some more tannin structure. We want the whole backbone of the blend to be bold. You’re supposed to match the bison. Big style, bold characteristics. We pick them when the fruit is really ripe. It’s pretty hot.  Then we finish it in bourbon barrels and we can  use a little bit of American oak, French oak in there too, just to give it some oak enhancement. Usually around 15 percent alcohol in the finished product.

The unique part of the Zinfandel itself is the blackberries.  It’s really juicy, some cranberry and then the bourbon barrel aging process is just where you get some like dried herbs, oregano, thyme.  Toffee characteristics from the toastiness of the bourbon barrel itself. 

The point is to have a really strong wine. We want to have a really strong wine. We don’t want it to waft bourbon and we don’t want the bourbon to sit on top of the wine.  We want them to be really integrated and just like a finish, not overwhelming or overpowering.

It’s very well balanced. Were there any challenges in finding the balance or was it pretty straightforward?


Margaret Leonardi: It’s not pretty straightforward. We wish.  The barrels coming from the distillers can vary.  They can be emptied the week before [and be very fresh]. They can be emptied a month [and be less fresh]. So how much has evaporated, how much has been absorbed into the wood.  Those are unknown factors. So it’s a bunch of trial and error. So it’s fun, but it’s a lot of work. We want some consistency, but we want a little bit of difference. 

You’ve mentioned Sebastian Donoso. Tell us about him. How the two of you balance roles.

Margaret Leonardi: He’s the winemaker for the Bourbon Barrel Aged Wines. Before we were both collaborating with Bob, it was more like a team effort.  When Bob stepped down, we also had the new American Barrel Aged Pinot and Chard and the Sauvignon Blanc’s brand new.

Sebastian took the Bourbon Barrel Aged because he was working on those more, and then I took the other half.  We work together.

Before we move on, I don’t want to forget the Sauvignon Blanc. Process, styles, aromas, the taste?

Margaret Leonardi: This just came out in April of this year so I’m really excited. I think it’s still working its way across the nation, but I’m really happy with this wine. I really like the way it came out and I got to make it from scratch. I made exactly what I wanted.  It’s nice when you make something that you really like to drink too.  The fruit that we source for this comes from the majority from the Arroyo Seco region, so down Monterey, central coast of California, which is just a really nice growing region, Bay Area influence.  Warm days and then cool evenings. A little bit comes from just up here in Mendocino County. Then the rest is from Lodi. 

A unique thing is it’s blended with 10% Viognier. The Viognier is an ironic blender for Sauvignon Blanc, but it’s like in the spirit of things bold, I have this Viognier that I really like.  It’s really concentrated, ripened flavors. A lot of peach and nectarine flavors, so I thought it could be really interesting in a Sauvignon Blanc.

I fermented them separate and then blended this percentage in there and It’s really interesting because the Sauvignon Blanc has a little bit of grassy, grapefruit, citrus aromas, 

The Viognier twist makes it almost a little floral, but you get those white peach, stone fruit flavors pop a little more because of that Viognier.

It’s all stainless steel, fermented and aged, so it has no oak contact. I do some concrete eggs. I think it enhances the texture and makes it a little more mineral-y.


Are you a foodie?  Can you please suggest some really delicious dishes that pair with these bottles?

Margaret Leonardi: That is a nice thing about our portfolio expanding,  because before we had the three reds. So it’s similar food pairings. Now that we’ve expanded, we can have almost a wine for any dish. The Zinfandel and all of the bourbon barrel aged wines go really great with barbecue or smoked meat, ribs, red meats.  It’s a good “occasion wine”, right? If you’re going to a friend’s house for a barbecue or somewhere where you want to grab a bottle of wine, but you aren’t sure what – it’s a crowd pleaser, it’s a perfect conversation starter.  Sporting events soccer games, Super Bowl, that kind of thing.

Then the Sauvignon Blanc pairs well with oysters, light sauce pastas, cream based pastas.  It’s also great just appetizer wine. I think the Viognier is different. It is fun to start with it. So if you’re coming over and not sure what to open or if you’re having a dinner party, it’s like a great wine to kick off the night with.

You can explore it and then it transitions well with food, especially as it warms up a little.

Where we can find you follow and find that all this stuff both to buy as well as on social media

Margaret Leonardi: The brand as a whole is available through our website.  They’re also available at any grocery stores around the whole country.

For our social media, our Instagram is 1000 Stories Wines. We have a Facebook, a YouTube, and TikTok.  


DC concert-lovers: Bonnaroo announces 2023 lineup with Kendrick Lamar, Foo Fighters, Odesza, Paramore

DC concert-lovers: Bonnaroo announces 2023 lineup with Kendrick Lamar, Foo Fighters, Odesza, Paramore.

Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival has shared the lineup for this year’s edition of the internationally acclaimed camping festival, taking place June 15-18, 2023 on the Bonnaroo Farm, located just 60 miles southeast of Nashville in Manchester, TN.

Bonnaroo 2023 will once again present a wide-ranging bill featuring a spectacular selection of top artists performing around the clock across more than 10 unique stages over the four-day festival, with live music and much more through the night and into early morning with special sunrise sets.

Highlights will include performances from:

Kendrick Lamar, Foo Fighters, Odesza, Paramore, Lil Nas X, Baby Keem, Tyler Childers, Vulfpeck, Marcus Mumford, My Morning Jacket, GRiZ, Rainbow Kitten Surprise, Portugal. The Man, Korn, Louis the Child, Zeds Dead, Alesso, Subtronics, Three 6 Mafia, J.I.D., The Revivalists, Pixies, Girl In Red, Fleet Foxes, and more.

The legendary Bonnaroo Superjam will take place on Saturday, June 17, with more details to come.

The complete Bonnaroo 2023 lineup is below.

Early Access On Sale beginning Thursday, January 12 at 10 am (CT), exclusively via; sign-ups are available now.

Bonnaroo announces 2023 lineup

Bonnaroo announces 2023 lineup

A public On-Sale will follow if tickets remain.

Options include General Admission (4-Day), GA+ (4-Day), VIP (4-Day), Platinum (4-Day), along with a limited range of 1-Day tickets (including General Admission, GA+, VIP, and Platinum), General Admission Camping & Parking, premium and pre-pitched glamping options, and more.

Bonnaroo’s General Admission tickets include over 150 performances on more than 10 stages, access to the entire campground, food for purchase from over 150 vendors (including vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free options), bars, concessions, free water stations, and more amenities throughout the park and campground.

GA+ tickets include all of the above along with unlimited access to the “Centeroo GA+ Lounge,” with relaxed seating, air-conditioned restrooms, and concierge to assist with all festival needs; a full-service bar, a dedicated premium entrance lane at both gates into Centeroo, and more.

VIP and Platinum guests will enjoy a further number of exclusive upgrades, including dedicated close-in and on-field viewing areas; unlimited access to VIP and Platinum Lounges; express lanes at the Festival Store, commemorative festival gifts, and so much more. To learn more about GA+, VIP and Platinum, please see

A wide range of Camping & Parking options will be available, including Primitive Car Camping, Glamping, RVs, Backstage Camping, Accessible Camping, Groop Camping, Community Camping, and more. Premium Outeroo Camping Accommodations include pre-pitched Souvenir Tents, cool and comfortable Darkroom Tents, weatherproof Luxury Bell Tents, and spacious 2-person Wood Frame Safari Tents for the ultimate Bonnaroo camping experience. Premium “Power RV” slips are also available. Day Parking will be available for ticketholders not camping. For details, please

Hulu will return as the Official Streaming Destination of Bonnaroo this summer. Catch select performances exclusive to Hulu subscribers at no additional cost. Additional special footage and behind-the-scenes looks will also be available. Stay tuned for specific livestream schedules announced in the weeks prior to the festival.

Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival is generously supported by Verizon, Toyota, PayPal, Allegiant, Corona Extra, and Hulu.

# # #



Zeds Dead

Liquid Stranger

070 Shake

Abraham Alexander

Big Freedia





Daily Bread


Diarrhea Planet

Elephant Heart

Ezra Furman

JP Saxe


Molly Tuttle & Golden Highway



Suki Waterhouse


Kendrick Lamar

Baby Keem



Portugal. The Man

Noah Kahan


Three 6 Mafia

Fleet Foxes


Sylvan Esso

Rina Sawayama

Charley Crockett

Morgan Wade

Alex G



Destroy Lonely

The Midnight

Knocked Loose

Matt Maeson


black midi


Emo Nite

Christone “Kingfish” Ingram

Madison Cunningham

Sampa the Great

Boogie T b2b Dirt Monkey b2b SubDocta

Maddy O’Neal

Jupiter and Okwess




Lil Nas X

Tyler Childers

My Morning Jacket

Louis the Child


Rainbow Kitten Surprise


Sheryl Crow


Sofi Tukker

Big Wild

The Band Camino

Jenny Lewis

Yung Gravy

Remi Wolf

Bob Moses

Cory Wong

Ken Carson


Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness

Colony House

Walker & Royce

Devon Gilfillian

The Beths

Danielle Ponder

Giolì & Assia

Thee Sacred Souls

Night Tales



Foo Fighters


Marcus Mumford

The Revivalists



girl in red

Umphrey’s McGee


Jacob Collier

Hippo Campus


Peach Pit

Franz Ferdinand

Men I Trust


Drew Holcomb & The Neighbors

Amber Mark

Wax Motif

Kip Moore

Makaya McCraven

Sammy Rae & The Friends

Hermanos Gutiérrez

Paris Jackson

Rome In Silver

Legendary Brooklyn Bowl Annc’s Plans for Washington DC ‘s Buzzard Point neighborhood

Live Nation and Brooklyn Bowl announced plans to add a Brooklyn Bowl location at Parcel B at Audi Field in the Buzzard Point neighborhood of Washington, D.C.

Brooklyn Bowl DC will be the brand’s first location in the DC metro area

Brooklyn Bowl DC will be the brand’s first location in the DC metro area and the fifth location for this venue, which first opened in Brooklyn, New York in 2009.

Featuring a 1,200-person capacity concert venue, Brooklyn Bowl DC’s 38,000 square-foot location will bring to the District a broad mix of live music programmed by Live Nation, 14 lanes of bowling, a craft bar and a menu curated by New York City’s Blue Ribbon Restaurant Group.

With the incredible proximity of the bowling lanes and concert stage, Brooklyn Bowl DC will offer a unique experience of enjoying a show while eating, drinking and bowling with friends.

“We’re really thrilled to see Brooklyn Bowl

be part of this great development in the District,”

said Peter Shapiro, Brooklyn Bowl co-founder.

“After bringing Brooklyn Bowl to two new locations in 2021, we know that the time is right to bring this innovative concept to the D.C. area.”

Boasting a wide array of musical acts spanning multiple genres, Brooklyn Bowl DC’s live entertainment programming will offer something for everyone, from multi-genre national touring artists to New Orleans brass bands, hip hop legends, world music stars, dance parties and Bob Marley inspired “Rock and Roll Playhouse” weekend matinee shows for families. The venue’s thoughtfully designed spaces will be easily customizable to accommodate private events of various sizes.

Brooklyn Bowl DC is the first announced retail concept at Hoffman & Associates and D.C. United’s dynamic mixed-use development Parcel B at Audi Field. It will connect the ground and second floor while serving as an anchor for the double-sided retail and entertainment corridor between Parcel B and Audi Field. The celebrated live music venue, featuring both bowling and a full-service restaurant, will activate the center of the neighborhood enhancing the space and attracting residents as well as visitors to the city.

Once open, Brooklyn Bowl DC will join Brooklyn Bowls in Brooklyn, NY, Las Vegas, Nev., Nashville, Tenn. and Philadelphia, Penn.

For more information about Hoffman & Associates, please visit

To learn more about Brooklyn Bowl, please visit

Washington DC’s Top Halloween Events in 2022 (Updated)

Washington DC’s Top Halloween Events in 2022 (Updated)

October is here!  Time for Washington DC’s Top Halloween Events in 2022

DC hosts some of the biggest parties.  There’s plenty of ways to celebrate the spooky season this year, from family friendly fun to adult-level screams and scares.

We’re listing them all out for you, and updating them as we discover more.

Bask in Pumpkin Palooza

Thursday October 28

Alethia Tanner Park

Pumpkin Palooza is back!  From 4 – 7pm on October 28, your family and friends can enjoy live entertainment, food, music and a themed scavenger hunt.  The kid’s costume contest returns.  Don’t forget a pick-your-own pumpkin patch right in the District at NoMa’s Alethia Tanner Park.

The event is free for all.

For more information:


PreGame Halloween with Spooky Brews

Saturday Oct 30

Hook Hall

Hook Hall is hosting a spooky good time with more than 50 craft beers and ciders to enjoy!  Plus, live music, artisans and a variety of food.  Your general admission ticket gets you 2 hours of unlimited beverage samples.

For more information:

Nightmare in Navy Yard

Saturday October 30

Navy Yard

Party at this open-air, pop-up Halloween celebration featuring an open bar, food trucks and a live DJ.

For more information:


Capitol Hill’s Literary Pumpkin Walk

Capitol Hill’s Literary Pumpkin Walk

Capitol Hill’s Literary Pumpkin Walk

Now through October 31

Capital Hill

The Pumpkin Walk is from the volunteer organization Capitol Hill Community Foundation, dedicated to rally together the residents of Capitol Hill to decorate their front lawns with book-themed Halloween decorations, including pumpkins, scarecrow and more.

Visitors are encouraged to wander the historic neighborhood and enjoy all the eye candy while the winning house received $1,000 submitted toward the local school of their choice.

For more information:


Field of Screams

Weekend (Thurs – Sun) through Nov 6

Olney, Maryland

The Field of Screams has become notorious as one of Maryland’s Largest annual Halloween events.  Visitors are in for terrifying experiences on the haunted trail and the in the Slaughter Factory Haunted House.

For more information:


Halloween Hunt at the Mansion on O

Fri Oct 29 – Sun Oct 31

Dupont Circle

It’s perfect for Halloween!  The historic mansion on O is already a little bit kooky and spooky with more than 100 rooms and 70 secret doors.  Add a little October magic it’s ready for a Halloween Scavenger Hunt.

The mansion will be decked out with themed rooms, doors and secret stashes to find as you search out prizes.

There’s also a cash bar for your post-hunting enjoyment.

For more information:


Murder Mystery Dinner

Every year  Italian restaurant Maggiano’s hosts “Murder at Maggiano’s” a Halloween-themed murder mystery dinner party.  Your ticket includes dinner, two drinks and the show.

Guests are encouraged to dress in costume.

For more information:


DC’s First-Ever Drive-In Haunted House

Now through November 6

Lorton, Va

Every year the Workhouse Haunt manages it get a little spookier (2021 was amazing delivering contact-less scares).  The haunted tour is on the grounds of former DC’s Correctional Facility.  The scares are intense so, kids under 13 are not encouraged.

For more information:


Scary DC’s Ghosts of Georgetown is a Spine-Chilling Ghost Tour

Not like any other ghost tour.  Imagine a creepy tour that takes place through the most important locations in the country, like the supreme court?  Library of Congress? Crazy.  Kooky.  Spooky. The Ghosts of Georgetown leads you through DC’s most historic areas.

For more information:

Try a Haunted Wine Tasting

Through Nov 18

The Winery at Bull Run

Have a tasty time mixing your scares with sips.  Then take a lantern-led outdoor walking tour though the historic grounds of The Winery at Bull Run.   Enjoy the spooky ghost stories, haunting while sipping award-winning Virginia wine.

For more information:

Rocky Horror at Dacha Navy

Sunday Oct 31

Dacha Navy Yard

Celebrate Halloween watching Rocky Horror Picture Show on its 45th anniversary with the film’s Spectacular Tour, while enjoying a beer garden and special all night long.  Costumes are encouraged

For more information:


Mary J. Blige: Good Morning Gorgeous Tour DC at Capital One Arena Sept 17

Mary J. Blige: Good Morning Gorgeous Tour DC at Capital One Arena on September 17

One of Time magazine’s icons listed in “The 100 Most Influential People of 2022” and the recipient of the 2022 “Billboard ICON Award,” the undisputed Queen of Hip Hop Soul, Mary J. Blige, announces her

Good Morning Gorgeous tour

presented by Hologic in partnership with The Black Promoters Collective (BPC).

GRAMMY Award-winning and Oscar-nominated Blige will perform in 23 cities with special guests, platinum-selling, GRAMMY Award-winning artist Ella Mai and platinum-selling rising star Queen Naija beginning on Saturday, September 17, in Greensboro, NC, and ending on Saturday, October 29 in Atlantic City, NJ.

The tour also stops in Los AngelesNew York, and Atlanta.

Mary J. Blige has been one of a select handful of artists

at the top of our desired list to partner with

since the initial construction of The BPC.

Having her support in our mission so early in the process is a testament to the hard work

we have put in to bring superior cultural experiences

powered by black business

to the masses.

We firmly believe this is a match made in heaven and are honored to partner with the Queen,”

states The BPC Co-Founder and President

Shelby Joyner.

the tour follows Mary J. Blige’s early 2022 album release of Good Morning Gorgeous. The album was released leading into her energetic Super Bowl Halftime performance.

The title track rose to #1 at R&B radio for 9 weeks and the song became a viral backdrop for many expressing self-love, with over 40,000 users creating videos using the song on TikTok.

A deluxe version was dropped just ahead of her wildly successful “Strength of a Woman” festival that took place last month in Atlanta.

Locations, venues & dates for the Good Morning Gorgeous tour presented by Hologic can be found below:

Saturday, 9/17                         

Greensboro, NC             

Greensboro Coliseum

Sunday, 9/18                           

Washington, DC             

Capital One Arena

Wednesday, 9/21                     

Charlotte, NC                 

Spectrum Center

Thursday, 9/22                         

Philadelphia, PA             

Wells Fargo Center

Saturday, 9/24                         

Detroit, MI                       

Little Caesars Arena (Not listed – Queen Naija)

Sunday, 9/25                           

Chicago, IL                     

United Center

Wednesday, 9/28                     

Birmingham, AL               

Legacy Center at BJCC

Thursday, 9/29                         

Atlanta, GA                     

State Farm Arena

Saturday, 10/1                         

Houston, TX                   

Toyota Center

Sunday, 10/2                           

Fort Worth, TX                 

Dickies Arena (Not listed – Ella Mai)

Thursday, 10/6                         

Oakland, CA                   

Oakland Arena (Not listed — QN or EM)

Saturday, 10/8                         

Las Vegas, NV               

Michelob Ultra Arena

Sunday, 10/9                           

Los Angeles, CA             

Kia Forum (Not listed — QN)

Wednesday, 10/12                   

St. Louis, MO                   

Enterprise Center

Saturday, 10/15                       

New Orleans, LA             

Smoothie King Center

Sunday, 10/16                         

Memphis, TN                   

FedEx Forum

Wednesday, 10/19                   

Cleveland, OH                 

Rocket Mortgage Fieldhouse

Thursday, 10/20                       

Brooklyn, NY                   

Barclays Center

Saturday, 10/22                       

Hampton, VA                   

Hampton Coliseum

Sunday, 10/23                         

Newark, NJ                     

Prudential Center

Wednesday, 10/26                   

Nashville, TN                   

Bridgestone Arena

Thursday, 10/27                       

Cincinnati, OH                 

Heritage Bank Center

Saturday, 10/29                       

Atlantic City, NJ               

Boardwalk Hall

Salif Keita at City Winery DC on Aug 24 part of 2022 U.S. Summer Tour (Late Show)

Salif Keita at City Winery DC on Aug 24 part of 2022 U.S. Summer Tour (Late Show)

Salif Keïta is a Malian singer-songwriter, referred to as the “Golden Voice of Africa”. He is a member of the Keita royal family of Mali.

Salif Keita Family

Due to political unrest, Keita and his band-mates fled Mali in the mid-1970s. They settled in Abidjan, Ivory Coast. The band (now named Les Ambassadeurs Internationaux) steadily grew in popularity in the ensuing years.


Chris Brown & Lil Baby: One Of Them Ones Tour July 19 at DC’s Capital One Arena


Salif Keita Backstory

Their 1978 album, Mandjou, became an overnight success in West Africa.

In 2001, Keita’s song “Tomorrow” was featured in the Will Smith film, Ali.

La Différence won Keita one of the biggest musical awards of his career: the Best World Music 2010 at the Victoires de la musique.

In 2013, after what he described as “threats” from the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions campaign, he cancelled a performance in Israel.

He later published a letter on his Facebook page, stating that he decided to cancel the event because he was scared of “being harmed personally or professionally”, but clarified that he still “love[d] Israel”, slamming BDS as an “extremist group” who used “scare tactics and bullying”.

Salif Keïta’s Future

In November 2018 he announced his retirement from recording at a concert in Fana, Mali. The album Un Autre Blanc, which was released at the concert, would be his last.

Kendrick Lamar – The Big Steppers Tour Aug 4 at DC’s Capital One Arena

Kendrick Lamar – The Big Steppers Tour Aug 4 at DC’s Capital One Arena

Hours after releasing the week’s most buzzed-about album, Kendrick Lamar has announced an international tour that includes a Washington, DC stop.

DC’s Capital One Arena on Aug. 4

The Los Angeles rapper will play DC’s Capital One Arena on Aug. 4, part of his five-month Big Steppers Tour. Baby Keem, Lamar’s cousin and frequent collaborator, will open the show.

Kendrick Lamar’s The Big Steppers Tour

The Big Steppers Tour is Lamar’s first big outing since 2018, which included a visit to DTE Energy Music Theatre.

Friday’s tour announcement comes on the heels of “Mr. Morale & the Big Steppers,” released overnight. The 18-track double set is Lamar’s fifth studio album and first in five years.


Bad Bunny’s World’s Hottest Tour stops at DC’s Nationals Park on Aug 23

Kendrick Lamar, The Big Steppers Tour, show dates

North American Leg

July 19 – Oklahoma City, Okla. – Paycom Center

July 21 – Austin – Moody Center

July 22 – Houston – Toyota Center

July 23 – Dallas – American Airlines Center

July 24 – Miami – Rolling Loud

July 27 – Tampa, Fla. – Amalie Arena

July 29 – New Orleans – Smoothie King Center

July 30 – Atlanta – State Farm Arena

July 31 – Nashville – Bridgestone Arena

Aug. 2 – Charlotte – Spectrum Center

Aug. 4 – Washington, D.C. – Capital One Arena

Aug. 5 – Brooklyn, N.Y. – Barclays Center

Aug. 6 – Brooklyn, N.Y. – Barclays Center

Aug. 7 – Long Island, N.Y. – UBS Arena

Aug. 9 – Philadelphia – Wells Fargo Center

Aug. 10 – Boston – TD Garden

Aug. 12 – Toronto – Scotiabank Arena

Aug. 13 – Toronto, Scotiabank Arena

Aug. 14 – Detroit – Little Caesars Arena

Aug. 16 – Columbus, Ohio – Schottenstein Center

Aug. 18 – Milwaukee – Fiserv Forum

Aug. 19 – Chicago – United Center

Aug. 20 – Minneapolis – Xcel Energy Center

Aug. 21 – Kansas City – T-Mobile Center

Aug. 23 – Denver – Ball Arena

Aug. 24 – Salt Lake City – Vivint Smart Home Arena

Aug. 26 – Portland, Ore. – Moda Center

Aug. 27 – Seattle – Climate Pledge Arena

Aug. 28 – Vancouver, B.C. – Rogers Arena

Aug. 30 – Sacramento – Golden 1 Center

Aug. 31 – Oakland, Calif. – Oakland Arena

Sept. 1 – Oakland, Calif. – Oakland Arena

Sept. 6 – San Diego – Viejas Arena at San Diego State University

Sept. 7 – Anaheim, Calif. – Honda Center

Sept. 9 – Las Vegas – T-Mobile Arena

Sept. 10 – Phoenix – Footprint Center

Sept. 14 – Los Angeles – Arena

Sept. 15 – Los Angeles – Arena

Overseas leg

Oct. 7 – Amsterdam – Ziggo Dome

Oct. 10 – Prague – O2 Arena

Oct. 11 – Berlin – Mercedes-Benz Arena

Oct. 13 – Hamburg – Barclays Arena

Oct. 15 – Copenhagen – Royal Arena

Oct. 17 – Stockholm – Avicii Arena

Oct. 19 – Oslo – Telenor Arena

Oct. 21 – Paris – Accor Arena

Oct. 24 – Stuttgart – Scheleyerhalle

Oct. 25 – Zurich – Hallenstadion

Oct. 26 – Laussane – Vaudoise Aréna

Oct. 28 – Antwerp – Sportpaleis

Oct. 30 – Cologne – Lanxess Arena

Oct. 31 – Frankfurt – Festhalle

Nov. 2 – Glasgow – OVO Hydro

Nov. 3 – Leeds – First Direct Arena

Nov. 4 – Newcastle – Utilita Arena

Nov. 5 – Birmingham – Utilita Arena

Nov. 7 – London – The O2

Nov. 8 – London – The O2

Nov. 13 – Dublin – 3Arena

Nov. 16 – Manchester – AO Arena

Dec. 1 – Perth – RAC Arena

Dec. 4 – Melbourne – Rod Laver Arena

Dec. 8 – Sydney – Qudos Bank Arena

Dec. 12 – Brisbane – Entertainment Center

Dec. 16 – Auckland – Spark Arena

Bad Bunny – World’s Hottest Tour stops at DC’s Nationals Park on Aug 23

Bad Bunny – World’s Hottest Tour stops at DC’s Nationals Park on Aug 23

Bad Bunny already has a full-fledged arena tour scheduled this year, but he’ll follow it up with his first stadium trek in the summer. 

Bad Bunny’s World’s Hottest Tour

The Latin pop star’s World’s Hottest Tour will launch with a U.S. leg on August 5 at the Camping World Stadium in Orlando, Florida. The trek wraps Sept. 30 at SoFi Stadium in Los Angeles, and during the U.S. leg, Bad Bunny will get support from Alesso and Diplo on select dates. 


Kendrick Lamar’s The Big Steppers Tour Aug 4 at DC’s Capital One Arena

Bad Bunny will follow up his U.S. tour with a run of shows in Central and South America, as well as the Caribbean. That run kicks off Oct. 21 in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, and wraps Dec. 9 in Mexico City. 

Bad Bunny - World's Hottest Tour stops at DC's Nationals Park on Aug 23

Bad Bunny – World’s Hottest Tour stops at DC’s Nationals Park on Aug 23

Tickets for Bad Bunny’s World’s Hottest Tour are on sale now via the tour’s website and through VividSeats.

Bad Bunny World’s Hottest Tour Dates

Aug. 5 – Orlando, FL @ Camping World Stadium
Aug. 9 – Atlanta, GA @ Truist Park (with Alesso)
Aug. 12 – Miami, FL @ Hard Rock Stadium (with Alesso)
Aug. 18 – Boston, MA @ Fenway Park (with Alesso)
Aug. 20 – Chicago, IL @ Soldier Field
Aug. 23 – Washington, DC @ Nationals Park (with Alesso)
Aug. 27 – New York, NY @ Yankee Stadium (with Diplo)
Sept. 1 – Houston, TX @ Minute Maid Park (with Alesso)
Sept. 7 – San Antonio, TX @ Alamodome (with Alesso)
Sept. 9 – Dallas, TX @ AT&T Stadium (with Alesso)
Sept. 14 – Oakland, CA @ RingCentral Coliseum (with Alesso)
Sept. 17 – San Diego, CA @ PETCO Park (with Alesso)
Sept. 23 – Las Vegas, NV @ Allegiant Stadium (with Alesso)
Sept. 28 – Phoenix, AZ @ Chase Field (with Alesso)
Sept. 30 – Los Angeles, CA @ SoFi Stadium (with Diplo)

Dave Matthews Headlines Oceans Calling Festival Sept 30 – Oct 2 in Ocean City MD

Dave Matthews, Lumineers, Alanis Morissette headline Oceans Calling Festival Sept 30 – Oct 2 in Ocean City MD

Oceans Calling Festival Lineup

The highly anticipated Oceans Calling Festival launches this coming summer, with headliners Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds performing on Friday; The Lumineers playing Saturday evening and Alanis Morissette closing out Sunday’s proceedings.

Featuring cooking shows from Chefs Andrew Zimmer, Robert Irvine, Amanda Freitag.

“We are thrilled to host Oceans Calling Festival in Ocean City, Maryland and celebrate all our incredible city has to offer,”

commented Mayor Rick Meehan.

“Thank you to C3 Presents and Maryland’s own O.A.R. for bringing an event of this magnitude to the Ocean City Boardwalk. We look forward to seeing everyone!”

Related:Post Malone announces Twelve Carat Tour 33-city including DC’s CapitalOne Arena with special guest Roddy Ricch.

A Wave Of Music

A three day festival in partnership with musicians O.A.R. featuring over 30 performances on 3 stages, all on the classic Ocean City Boardwalk.

Jolly Roger at the Pier

Explore the Ocean City tradition featuring amusement park rides, games and more, all located inside the festival grounds.


Oceans Calling Festival – A Culinary Celebration

Experience delicious east coast bites from local food vendors. Plus, learn tricks of the trade from world-renowned chef cooking demos that celebrate the region.

Explore Ocean City

Take in everything this iconic landmark 3-mile long boardwalk has to offer, lined with hotels, shops, bars, restaurants and more!

Oceans Calling will also bring a culinary experience hosted by world-renowned chefs Andrew Zimmern, Robert Irvine and Amanda Freitag with a stage dedicated to cooking demos that celebrate the eastern shore. In addition, The Jolly Roger at the Pier amusement park, located inside the festival grounds, will be fully operational during the festival.

For the lineup of bands, or to purchase one-day or three-day tickets visit



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