First Time Author Sizzles with Sex, Addiction, Bullying , Redemption: ‘Twinkies & Beefcake’, a novel by T.H. Forest

Bullying, Sex, Addiction , Redemption: ‘Twinkies & Beefcake’, a novel by first time author T.H. Forest

Twinkies & Beefcake, a novel by first time author T.H. Forest, is a gripping tale of bullying, sex, addiction, redemption, and the longing for true love at any cost.

Available in Paperback, Hardcover and Kindle.


Told in the first-person narrative, Robby, a sharp-witted and posh London teenager, spends his days with his best friend Dee, sharing secrets and yearning for sex and love, while also dodging the torment of bullies from his elite prep-school. When he meets the man of his dreams, he falls fast.

Maybe too fast.

Hailing from the dregs of Manchester, and twelve years Robby’s senior, Vas is gorgeous and irresistible, and swears he’s equally smitten with Robby.

But during their wild sexual exploration of each other, the cameras come out, as do the drugs, and the booze.

Soon, Robby is in over his head: addicted, porn-famous, and still yearning for love.

Amid family tensions, trips to rehab, and finishing university, Robby’s past finally catches up to him when a bully from secondary re-enters his life and everything is exposed. Robby is forced to contend fully with the trauma of his adolescence so that he can find, and be with, his soulmate.

Striving for happiness, inner-peace, and true love, Robby must decide if his sins can ever be overcome.


“Where are you prancing off to princess?” Gareth, Marcus’ lead henchman, said in a chiding voice. I looked behind me and saw his large face sneering at me. “I saw you duck behind the building, you’re right to be scared.”

“I’m just off, I don’t want any trouble,” I mumbled, more fearful of Gareth than I was Marcus, who somehow kept his goons in line. I went from wanting to avoid him, to willing him to come back outside and call off his dog. I kept walking and suddenly felt the beanie snatched from my head. “Hey! Give that back,” I cried, smoothing my hair reflexively.

Marcus emerged from the store with a drink in his hand and looked between us. “Hey Gareth,” he smiled and opened his bottle. He took a sip and looked at me. “Where are you off to?” He asked me, his green eyes sweeping over my new outfit, the jeans and an Adidas t-shirt with my Duke + Dexter trainers. I saw him sniff the air. “Are you wearing perfume?”

Shit, why did I put on cologne? “It’s my birthday, I’m going to the mall,” I looked at Gareth. “I just want my beanie back.”

Marcus nodded his head at Gareth and held out his hand. I prayed that Marcus would do the right thing and give it back to me. He was handsome in a straight way, appealing to the masses of girls who followed him around, or he would be if he weren’t such a bully, because when he was being cruel he was not attractive. He put the beanie on his head.

“How’s it look?” He asked Gareth.

“Suits you,” Gareth shrugged. “You of course make it look hetero. This one makes everything look gay,” Gareth nodded at me derisively with his chin.

“Please Marcus,” I pleaded with my eyes, not feeling very hopeful.

“It’s your birthday today?” He asked, ignoring my pleas.

I nodded.

He looked at Gareth. “Why don’t you go inside and get the little princess here some champagne.”

Gareth snickered and went inside.

“Marcus, I’m late, I just want my hat,” I shifted on my feet, uncertain of his mood. “Late for the mall?” Marcus scoffed and shook his head. “I’ve got something for you for your birthday,” he said in a low menacing sounding tone.

“I’m meeting my boyfriend,” I said in a rush, not knowing why I blabbed.

Something passed over Marcus’ features and settled behind his eyes. “You’ve got a boyfriend?” he laughed meanly. “What does your fag-hag think about that?” He stepped closer to me.

He looked angry, not just playfully mean and I turned and fled before he could grab me, running as fast as I could down the stairs and away hurrying through the stiles, my eyes searching for any uniform I could find to hide behind. I shouldn’t have said anything about a boyfriend.


“The key psychological dynamic revealed for Robby

is the mistake many make in searching for self-confirmation and acceptance.

Robby suffers from deep seeded issues of insecurity and self-acceptance

caused by his being subjected to consistent bullying by his classmates.

These issues manifest in his near desperate eagerness to please, which ultimately results in his exploitation during his teenage years. The step for procreation is the acceptance and valuing of oneself.  Once older and cycled through his past trauma through intensive rehabilitation and therapy, his role of parent, provider and husband brings him balance and self-awareness; the love and acceptance of his spouse, family, and closest friends, in a world which still manifests many reasons for suppression, is how he completes his long journey of self-identity.”

– Dr. Carol Hartman, DNSc, BS, MS.

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